Our Team of Professional Headhunters

Dixie Agostino

Dixie Agostino

“The Accelerator”



As the founding Superhero of Switchgear, the Accelerator is the Hero that increases the kinetic energy & ultimate output of all Switchgear Superhero’s.  The Accelerator ensures her team of Superhero’s are all driving towards the same mission, helping the careers of thousands of Tulsan’s take-off!

Brenda Thresher

Brenda Thresher

“The Drill Sergeant (AKA Numbers)”



From her secret lair, the Drill Sergeant takes control of all things financial and keeps the Switchgear Superheroes in line.  She always knows how things should be done, and it’s always…by the book.

Mollie Nunn 3

Mollie Nunn



After spending a few years flying around Oklahoma trying to find a place to land she’s ended up at Switchgear finding a higher purpose for herself and in turn her candidates.  Mollie’s mix tape includes searching the galaxy far and wide to find the perfect candidate for position.  Mollie is “Hooked on a Feeling” of helping her candidates change their lives by helping them find more money, more stability, more advancement and more personal happiness.

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Brandi Bynum

“Mary Poppins”


Brandi is a magical and loving woman who descends down from the clouds in response to Switchgear’s need for a new team member. She is not only firm in her use of authority but gentle and kind as well.  Brandi is always poised and in control all the time (as far as you know).  Brandi always makes everyone smile and people enjoy working with her-and if you need a song, she’s always up for duet from Hamilton!  Our Mary Poppins is “practically perfect in every way”.

Liz Brolick

Liz Brolick

“The Guardian”



She is able to see a few seconds into the future, giving her great luck and incredible reaction times when fighting evil! She protects Switchgear from overambitious criminals, while battling the evil plans of the competition!

Callie Wigington

Callie Wigington-Crawford

“The Persistor”

Recruiter/HR Coordinator


Callie uses her unique power to continue firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.  Have a unique timeline in which you need assistance or do you have a skill set that is very individualized?  The Persistor is your Switchgear Superhero to jump into action and find you that perfect fit!

Amanda Sanderson

Amanda Sanderson

“The Flyer”

Business Development Specialist

There is nothing average about our Flyer Amanda and neither Cindy Mancini nor Torrance Shipman can even come close.  Amanda succeeds because she has tough skin, is willing to put in the extra work, she’s got extreme focus and unwavering courage and trust in those around her.  This dedication helps her clients soar!  Afraid of heights? Not this gal.  Amanda is your go to gal to help take your company to new levels.  She’ll make sure your candidates are a perfect 10!   

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Kristina Wadley-Ozbun

“Wonder Woman”

Business Development Specialist

Just like our hero  Diana of Themiscyra, Kristina represents the best of mankind, and of womanhood. Strong, compassionate, fearless, and independent; Kristina is a pillar of the Switchgear office and one of the greatest heroes and warriors in the entire Recruiting  Universe.  Though her real-world origins are complex, Kristina does not back down from a challenge. Yet, she is a diplomatic Business Development Representative. Kristina is a lover of peace who spends her down time having fun with her family. 


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Sarah Wade

“She-Ra, The Princess of Placements”

Talent Acquisition Specialist 

Sarah is known to be extremely fast, her speed and determination to find the right candidate allow her to easily schedule and plan for multiple energy blasts with her phone!  She has empathetic understanding, communicates clearly and can read emotions her candidates are trying to hide.  Sarah’s weapon of choice?  Her Sword of Protection (a.k.a. her cell phone).  You can find Sarah on her phone anytime she has a spare moment-traveling to her kiddos baseball games in particular.