Working With Headhunters

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There are a lot of individuals – and businesses – claiming to be professional headhunters/recruiters. The best of the bunch – like Switchgear – have knowledge, inside information, industry connections and savvy that only comes from years of experience.


Here are a few notes about working with headhunters/recruiters for candidates and companies.


If you’re seeking a position:


  1. Know what you’re looking for – and be honest. Our team will look at your resume, learn about your skills and get to know you in an interview. However, we can’t know about your goals, experiences and ideal workplace unless you tell us. Be honest about what you’re looking for to help us find the best fit.


  1. Understand that we don’t have the final say. Our roles are to 1) Present the best possible candidates to companies and 2) Help you find the job of your dreams. We are experts in matching personalities and we do have influence – but remember, the ultimate choice of whether or not you’re hired is up to the company and/or hiring manager. If we don’t make a match now, there will be other possibilities down the road.


  1. Remember that Switchgear is an external recruiter. As an independent recruiter, we are not on the payroll of any individual employer. Many companies with open positions in IT, accounting, energy and engineering hire us to find candidates. For you, this is an advantage because it means we have connections throughout the industry and have a much better chance of finding the right fit for you.



If you’re looking for the right employee:


  1. Switchgear specializes in key industries. If you’re seeking top talent in the fields of IT, accounting, energy or engineering, our industry connections will save you time because we have the contacts to narrow down your choices quickly. In addition, unlike an in-house recruiting team, we’re familiar with the culture at many companies in these industries.


  1. We know our talent. A resume shows you skills, education and experience, but it can’t show you a personality. We take the time to build relationships with candidates so that we can match the right person with your organization.

But what makes Switchgear different from other recruiters? Read on.

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