Professional Ghosting and its Effect on Companies

Professional Ghosting and its Effect on Companies



In the dating world, two people meet and decisions can then be made. They can agree to move forward together, or either party can choose from three options: communicate the “thanks but no thanks,” do the “slow fade” or just disappear, aka, “ghosting.”

As a headhunting firm, our company arranges what are essentially blind dates at the career level. And since these meetings are with professionals and involve purpose and outcomes, it’s often assumed that communication and follow-up would be just as precise. But ghosting, when a hiring manager or corporate recruiter disappears on a candidate after the interview, is becoming a common practice in the professional world as well.

Tim Sackett is a 20-year human resources pro with a master’s in HR and an SPHR certification who in his blog lists several courses of action for candidates who have spent time with a company only to be ghosted after several weeks with no word.

 He recommends:

• Send a written letter to the CEO.

• Go on Twitter and complain.

• Write a post about your experience on LinkedIn and tag the recruiter and the recruiter’s boss.

• Take the hint. If the organization and this manager treats candidates like this, imagine how you’ll be treated as an employee?

As both a recruiter and a hiring manager, I think Tim’s first three recommendations are terrible for both the candidate and the company. At best, they turn off the hiring manager. At worst, they could potentially ruin the candidate’s career prospects. How many companies want to hire a candidate who publicly berates the companies that they interview with on social media?

Why is this happening in the first place? After all, companies and hiring managers are not investing their time in the hiring process just to toy with candidates. There are several reasons companies go MIA.

• It takes a lot longer to hire than managers originally think.

• People get busy.

• You are the back-up candidate.

• The recruiting system/applicant tracking system is broken.

• You bombed the interview.

• Google sabotaged you.

But, dear hiring managers, here’s ultimately what ghosting says about your company: WE DON’T HAVE IT TOGETHER.

Top-tier companies know that great talent is hard to find. It is so hard that these companies recruit on college campuses for it, hire agency recruiters, have recruiting departments and spend money. And they don’t want to waste this money blowing off great people.

Ray Kroc, Former CEO of McDonald’s said, “You’re only as good as the people you hire.” And the best talent won’t stand for being stood up.


Dixie Agostino – Founder and CEO of Switchgear Search & Recruiting


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