What Our Clients Say

Switchgear is interested in finding the right person for the role. I appreciate that they not only send candidates with the right skill sets, but are interested in finding the soft talents we need. They stand out in their attention to detail and ongoing correspondence, but what makes them stellar is their desire to understand our culture. It feels like they ‘get us.’ Because of this, I can confidently forward resumes to my hiring managers without having to pre-qualify them.

Sarah Guardiola, MiraTech

Switchgear has been very adept at helping us find the right personalities to suit our positions. They have synergy with us in terms of thought process, willingness to change direction, think outside the box, and look at personality as opposed to just experience. These are a lot of variables that most recruiters have not been willing to consider or don’t take the time to consider…They do a lot of communication and have never attempted to sell me on a candidate…They're only satisfied when I'm satisfied, as opposed to other recruiters.

Tom DeGaetano, Flow-Quip

Switchgear came out to meet with me one-on-one to get a feel for our environment. They wanted to see if their candidate would actually fit, rather than just placing a warm body here.

Chris White, Fisher Products

We met onsite, which was key, so that they could see what our needs were. We had good flow and communication, starting off with an open dialog back and forth.

Grant Oden, Flow-Quip

Very professional, but very friendly as well so it made it an all-around great experience.

Pete Sandretto, Mathey Dearman Inc.