Find top talent

I need more than just a skill-set – I need someone with drive and passion.
I’m looking for someone who will help take us in a new direction.
We don’t have an internal recruitment team – can you help?

If you’re looking for top talent in the areas of engineering, accounting/finance, energy or IT, you’ve come to the right place.


Our responsibility is to understand your company’s needs, goals and culture, and find you candidates to match.


Switchgear’s matchmaking professionals work to combine your needs with the right talent. As external recruiters, we’ve built extensive relationships with companies in many industries, so we know their work styles and corporate cultures.


In addition, we’re connected to a large pool of candidates who are the best and brightest at what they do. We know their personalities and the types of environments that give them the chance to do their best work.


In it for the long term

You’re looking for someone who will fit into your company and take you in the direction you want to go – someone who has the potential to grow with you and be a leader. This means building a strong relationship where both parties benefit.


At Switchgear, we strive for exactly the same thing. We want to build a relationship with you that will last for years to come, so that the next time you need to find the right candidate, you’ll immediately think of us.


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