Candidate Testimonials

Switchgear is very patient, communicative and person friendly. They really helped me negotiate the salary and where I needed to be at in terms of office locations with the new position. They keep in touch after the placement and that shows a lot of integrity.

Sean-Paul Sandoval, EMS Global

They got me an interview with the exact company that I was looking for. They had the right connections and it was only a matter of weeks from the time I met them until I had an interview. Just a few more weeks after that and I was hired on. They worked really hard at getting me specifically what I wanted and were friendly and professional.

Michael Twyman, ONEOK

Switchgear got me into an industry that I've been curious about moving into; I was pretty excited about that. They asked me what I was looking for, gave me a call saying we can set you up with the interview, here's an overview of the job, and are you interested? It was that quick.

Jeremy Vandertook, John Crane Lemco

Switchgear is a great recruiting firm and I really enjoyed working with them. They are very personable, easy to talk to and find you what you are looking for. They hooked me up with the interview and were very thorough with making sure I was prepared. They have a good grasp on the market and did a really good job of making sure the job fit me. All of the companies that they sent me to were really good companies.

Chris Cackler, Gardner Denver

Switchgear’s mission is to place you where you can be most effective, utilize the skill sets that you have and match you with a company that’s trying to build on those skills. They are absolutely wonderful. They work extremely hard and build relationships with the people…They were more interested in me getting in the right position than they were about anything else.

DeWayne May, Muncie Power

Switchgear was proactive and overachieving. I sent them an email, faxed my resume and they called me back within an hour. They had me come into the office the same day and did a very thorough consultation with me. They already had some possibilities and wanted to see if I was interested so they could follow up.
… I had been trying to work with four other recruiters that did almost nothing for me… Switchgear always followed through on what they said they would do. Even if they didn’t have anything new to update me on they would call to let me know that.
They were interested in making sure that I found the right kind of job that I was going to be happy with.

Monica Posten, PACCAR