Our Team of Professional Headhunters

Dixie Agostino

Dixie Agostino

“The Accelerator”



As the founding Superhero of Switchgear, the Accelerator is the Hero that increases the kinetic energy & ultimate output of all Switchgear Superhero’s.  The Accelerator ensures her team of Superhero’s are all driving towards the same mission, helping the careers of thousands of Tulsan’s take-off!

Brenda Thresher

Brenda Thresher

“The Drill Sergeant (AKA Numbers)”



From her secret lair, the Drill Sergeant takes control of all things financial and keeps the Switchgear Superheroes in line.  She always knows how things should be done, and it’s always…by the book.

Beth Coulter

Beth Coulter

“The Talent Tiger”

Senior Recruiter – Engineering Division


Beth generally works alone but is a highly social superhero. Often requiring large contiguous areas of Tulsa that support their client and candidate territory requirements, the Talent Tiger is rapidly developing to be a strong supporter of the Tulsa career development market.  She will hunt down the perfect position for you!

Jennifer Hubbard

Jennifer Hubbard

“The Generator”

Business Development Specialist


Her knowledge and resources are among the best, The Generator can manufacture vasts amount of production in a small time frame. Similar to a machine, Jennifer is refined, advanced, and proficient in the recruiting industry. Don’t you fear…..The Generator is here!

Mollie Nunn 3

Mollie Nunn

“The Inquisitor”


Mollie is thinker, asker, and researcher. She examines every situation very carefully and probes for the answer. Her super human abilities allow her dig deeper into her research. Inquisition is the game and The Inquisitor is her name!

Liz Brolick

Liz Brolick

“The Guardian”



She is able to see a few seconds into the future, giving her great luck and incredible reaction times when fighting evil! She protects Switchgear from overambitious criminals, while battling the evil plans of the competition!

Callie Wigington

Callie Wigington-Crawford

“The Persistor”

Business Development Specialist


Callie uses her unique power to continue firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.  Have a unique timeline in which you need assistance or do you have a skill set that is very individualized?  The Persistor is your Switchgear Superhero to jump into action and find you that perfect fit!

Darrian Williams

Darrian Phillips

“Fast Pitch”

Office Administrator & Communications Coordinator


Darrian can LITERALLY catch anything thrown her way. Her speed and agility makes her a real asset to the Switchgear team. From manning the front desk to providing support to her Switchgear teammates, having Darrian in our bullpen is a real Home Run!

Amanda Sanderson

Amanda Sanderson

“The List Taker”

Business Development Specialist

Her ability to tackle all things that are thrown her way by scratching them off one TASK at a time. Her superpowers allow her to prioritize and maximize her clients needs in an amazing way. If you need her help, she is always up for a new challenge! Never underestimate her skills because her LISTS will always bare success!