High Fives

Awards and accolades are not why we do what we do – but we certainly love the honors when we get them.

Switchgear is very proud of these moments of recognition by the business and philanthropic community.




Dixie wins 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year


The Tulsa Small Business Connection held its third annual Small Business Summit and Awards Lunch, celebrating the impact of small business in northeast Oklahoma.The Tulsa Regional Chamber created the Tulsa Small Business Connection with the mission to educate, empower and expand small business in northeast Oklahoma.Small business makes up about 85 percent of business in our region, creates 2 out of every 3 jobs and supports 55,000 jobs, pouring money back into our communities.The annual Crystal Star Awards honor the region’s small business leaders.



Switchgear wins 4 Star Honor


Mosaic, the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s diversity business council, announced today the region’s 2016 Top Inclusive Workplace Cultures. This recognition is given annually at Mosaic’s Economic Inclusion Forum to area employers with robust diversity and inclusion strategies. Scored on their responses to Mosaic’s annual Inclusive Workplace Cultures survey, 55 organizations received a tiered ranking of three, four and five stars based on the strength of their programing. Data from these responses provide measurable benchmarks on local diversity and inclusion efforts. Switchgear was honored with a four star inclusive workplace recognition.

About Mosaic

Mosaic is the diversity business council of the Tulsa Regional Chamber, launched in 2011 to leverage diversity and inclusion as a competitive business advantage. Mosaic members include more than 350 of the region’s most inJluential companies, individuals, organizations and boards, all dedicated to the vision of catapulting the Tulsa region into the forefront of diversity and inclusion leadership.

Fore more information, visit mosaictulsa.com.



Switchgear Best Specialist Recruitment Agency – Oklahoma 2016


The prestigious Business Excellence Awards were first established to highlight and celebrate the outstanding performance and results achieved by the leading lights across the corporate world, despite working within increasingly competitive markets. In 2016, Switchgear took home the prize for best specialist recruitment agency.

Whilst we understand that there are many aspects to a business’ success, corporate leaders are at the forefront of all industry development and bear a vast responsibility, utilising their ingenuity, creativity and industry experience to steer their firm through trying economic times. Overcoming adversity is key to good business leadership, and these awards reward those who have worked tirelessly to help both their business and the wider industry to survive despite operating in an increasingly tough corporate climate.

Laura Hunter, Awards Coordinator commented on how proud she was to chair these prestigious awards: “This awards program showcases the talent, dedication and sheer drive of business leaders from across both the globe and the corporate landscape. I am truly honoured to be able to highlight their achievements and wish them continued success in the future.”

Acquisition International prides itself on the validity of its awards and winners. The awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition.





Switchgear Wins Employee Choice Award


Switchgear’s matchmaking professionals work to combine both your needs and your talents. Dixie Agostino founded Switchgear Search & Recruiting in 2010, growing it from a startup into a self-funded Inc. 5000 recognized company in four years. Her team specializes in recruiting technical talent for the engineering, manufacturing and financial sectors.

“I’d spent almost a decade in transportation and logistics and when I got to recruiting, I realized it is talent asset allocation,” Agostino said of starting the company. “It is putting the right people in the right places for maximum efficiency. “I also learned people need maximum joy and passion to be their most efficient. Speaking to people in jobs they didn’t love had a profound impact on me because it was a huge drain and waste of energy.”

It’s no secret that the folks who work at Switchgear are not only excited to be there, but their enthusiasm both on the phone and in person is contagious and proof that they have the energy necessary to give.








#132 on Entrepreneur.com 360 Listing


Entrepreneur identifies 360 small businesses annually who have it figured out. In 2016, Switchgear was recognized.

More about the honor – We have this crazy idea at Entrepreneur: We want to identify 360 small businesses each year that are mastering that continuous process—that keep all their parts growing in harmony. To do this, we invited companies to apply and evaluated them based on four metrics: impact, innovation, growth, and leadership. The result is our Entrepreneur 360 list. Here, you’ll find all 360 companies on the list, as well as insights from five founders who exemplify these metrics.

What should you take from this list? Inspiration, sure. But most important, it is a reminder that nobody is perfect, but any entrepreneur can thrive if they get the balance right. Now comes the hard part for these 360 companies: They have to maintain that balance. After all, they are not built. But they will continue to grow. And so will you.






 Switchgear is was nominated for our impact in the community



The Golden Heart Award will honor small businesses in the greater Tulsa area who have made a significant impact in their community. This award is not judged solely by monetary giving but also by the overall involvement of the entire company.


“Tulsa is incredibly lucky to have a thriving small business community that not only supports our local economy, but also supports our community,” said Kathy Duck, executive director of the Tulsa Small Business Connection, a program for the Tulsa Regional Chamber. “Tulsa’s philanthropic spirit doesn’t just apply to our large corporations. Making up nearly 85 percent of businesses in our region, small businesses play an important role in our communities by regularly donating their time, resources, goods and services to charitable organizations.”


Southwestern Payroll President Darin Alred said, “At Southwestern Payroll, being a supportive member of our local community is a core value.  Serving the needs of small businesses is a huge part of our mission.  We applaud and want to recognize the unsung heroes in small businesses who go the extra mile to make Tulsa a better place to work and play.”   To read more about the Golden Heart award, click here.



Tulsa Chapter Member of the Year — Jen Hubbard, Switchgear Search & Recruiting



The AICCO is an organization in which American Indian Businesses, Tribal Leaders and other businesses can come together with innovative ideas that will promote and enhance the success of all American Indian people.


The purpose of the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma (AICCO) is to assist American Indian businesses to expand and grow. The Chamber actively supports and nurtures well-planned, long-term business opportunities for members by providing organized access to public sector agencies and private industry.


The American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma provides the opportunities for Native American business owners to network among themselves to enhance business opportunities, and to extend their venues to state and federal levels.




Switchgear Search and Recruiting, LLC has been selected for the 2017 Best of Tulsa Award in the Search & Recruiting Firm category by the Tulsa Award Program.

Each year, the Tulsa Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Tulsa area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2017 Tulsa Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Tulsa Award Program and data provided by third parties.

SWITCHGEAR SEARCH AND RECRUITING LLC, has won the coveted Spectrum Award for excellence in customer service!

The Spectrum Award of Excellence in Customer Satisfaction was established to spotlight companies and business professionals providing exceptional service and experiences to their clients and customers. Our research is done annually and is completely independent and unbiased. The award is only bestowed upon that fraction of those who earn our highest ratings.

Through this award we honor our mission to provide voice to the unheralded providers of exceptional service that are the foundation of our communities and to promote excellence wherever we find it.


Switchgear Search and Recruiting has been honored with a 2017 When Work Works Award for exemplary workplace practices.


The prestigious When Work Works Award is part of the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM’s) When Work Works project, a national initiative that helps employers become more successful by transforming the way they view and adopt effective and flexible workplaces.


The award recognizes employers of all sizes across the country that are excelling at offering a variety of top-rated employee initiatives such as work-life fit policies, flexible scheduling and transition to parenthood programs. The award goes beyond work-life programs and includes initiatives that address the additional evidence-based aspects of effective workplaces, such as opportunities for learning, a culture of respect and trust, and job autonomy.


Switchgear Search and Recruiting was evaluated on factors associated with employee health, well-being and engagement: opportunities for learning; a culture of trust; work-life fit; supervisor support for work success; autonomy; and satisfaction with earnings, benefits and opportunities for advancement.


“Considering that 78 percent of employers report difficulty recruiting employees for highly skilled jobs and 38 percent report difficulty recruiting for entry-level hourly jobs, When Work Works Award winners have leveraged this recognition opportunity to distinguish themselves as exemplary employers that offer new or enhanced options that help them attract and retain top talent,” said Ellen Galinsky, president of the Families and Work Institute, the original creator of this award, and senior research advisor at SHRM.


The award is earned after a rigorous assessment that emphasizes the real-life experiences of employees and incorporates national benchmarks of employer practices from the National Study of Employers and the employee experiences from the National Study of the Changing Workforce. Two-thirds of an organization’s winning score is based on a survey of its employees.

Female Factor – Dixie Agostino – Find and Replace



Switchgear Search and Recruiting founder and CEO Dixie Agostino believes the key to successful corporate recruiting isn’t finding the people. According to her, that’s the easy part. Understanding what motivates them is the challenge.

“Breaking up with your work family isn’t as emotional as a romantic breakup, but it has all of the same elements,” says Agostino, who is the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s 2016 Young Entrepreneur of the Year. “People are messy and wonderful and emotional and unpredictable. You have to understand people, or you don’t last in this business.”

Agostino started Switchgear in 2010 after eight years working in transportation logistics. Her company recruits technical talent for engineering, financial and manufacturing businesses.

“The only skill I had was being able to sweet-talk truck drivers into getting into their truck and doing their job,” she laughs. “And that honestly transitioned into something that paid pretty well.”

The business has grown exponentially, garnering local and national recognition. Switchgear made the “Inc. 5000” list of fastest-growing companies in 2015, as well as its list of “50 Fastest Growing Women-Led Companies in America” — notably all eight of Agostino’s employees are female.

Agostino manages her burgeoning business while raising four kids and regularly volunteering at Tulsa’s startup incubators 36 Degrees North and the Forge. She credits much of her own success to the support and mentoring she received from others.

“Nobody is alone. I would never have accomplished any of these things if it hadn’t been for somebody else,” she says. “Somebody believed in me enough to say, ‘Hey, you should start your own business.’ Somebody gave me a shot to have space at the Forge when I would never have been able to start my own business from home.”

For more information: http://www.tulsapeople.com/Tulsa-People/May-2017/Female-factor/


2017 Annual Awards


The American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma is proud to announce the winners of our Annual Awards. The Awards will be presented at the Annual Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, October 24th at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino during the Gathering Business Summit. Switchgear Search & Recruiting is being honored for one of the Chapter Members of the Year!


Chapter Members of the Year 2017


Tulsa Chapter — Jennifer Hubbard, Switchgear Search & Recruiting

North Central Chapter — Michael Burgess, Pawnee Nation College

Oklahoma City Chapter — Brian Wall, Tatanka Creative

Southwest Chapter — Jill Peters, Auteur Management

Southeast Chapter — Erika Davis, Choctaw Casino


For more information visit: American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma



Switchgear Receives 5 STARS!!



Mosaic, the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s diversity business council, announced today the region’s 2017 Top Inclusive Workplace Cultures. This recognition is given annually at Mosaic’s Economic Inclusion Forum to area employers with robust diversity and inclusion strategies. Scored on their responses to Mosaic’s annual Inclusive Workplace Cultures survey,  a multitude of organizations received a tiered ranking of three, four and five stars based on the strength of their programming. Data from these responses provide measurable benchmarks on local diversity and inclusion efforts.


Mosaic will educate, lead and influence businesses on creating diverse and inclusive workforce cultures to enhance their competitive advantage.


Mosaic is the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s diversity business council. The primary focus of Mosaic is to create awareness about the competitive advantage of having a diverse and inclusive business climate in our region.


Mosaic seeks to leverage the region’s diversity to improve perceptions of our community and grow the economy. Ultimately, Mosaic wishes to catapult the Tulsa region into the forefront of diversity and inclusion through talent recruitment initiatives and business retention and expansion efforts.